Anthony Gidden`s view on Globalization 5

October 25th, 2010 posted by admin
Anthony Gidden`s view on Globalization 5

Let me sum up Giddens‘ theories and suggestions on the Globalization phenomena, and then you can reflect on whether you could live without your pc, do you need again to buy laptop (the best version), use the internet, what are the benefits and the impacts…

Finally, Giddens suggests that although globalization is dominated by western power, it is not simply a western process; it is much more centred and uncontrolled and affects western countries the same way it affects any other countries. The writer states that we need to take more control on the globalisation processes and benefit from them in relation to human needs in order to cope with global inequalities.

Although this is the central message of the article, Giddens does not explain in detail why we need to control the global changes that much, how that could happen; what will the consequences will be and in what way this will positively influence our lives and the world. I suggest that this is a vital part of the article and it would be much clearer and influential to the reader if these were observed. I also argue that not enough attention has been paid to the impact of globalization in terms of inequality. As Lindert and Williamson (2005) state, due to globalization income gaps between nations have been reduced; opening of international trade has reduced inequality in labour-abundant countries, but have raised it in labour-scarce countries before 1914. Furthermore, considering all international and intranational effects, globalization has had overall reduces inequality and it can overall have positive effect on world incomes.

The article gives extra information on the material studied in my course and explains many of the events and changes happening nowadays. If one takes a random article from a newspaper, it can, I suggest, be related to a certain extent to the ideas that Giddens discusses, as they are broad and ranges over multiple topics.

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