What the future is going to be like

October 29th, 2010 posted by admin
What the future is going to be like

It is strange to think about the future. Most of all it is strange, because not all of the people can imagine what it could be like. Some 30 years ago it was quite popular for people to express their view publicly. Especially, in the US. If you get hold of some scientific magazines from that time it will be truly fascinating as you go through them and see what the American people thought today will be like.

Nevertheless, in the past five years it looks like the human technological advancement is thriving. Not so long ago we used notebooks to write down stuff. Now we use touch screen devices. Everything is operated by touch. Sooner or later we will forget how to write by hand.

I remember the days when I was a high school student. Most of my friends had not even an idea about the cheap laptops, that now you can buy for less than £200 with argos discount vouchers. They were something like fiction that you see only in the movies. We were happy with our, pretty basic in nowadays terms, mobile phones that had monochrome displays and their most important function was the polyphonic ring tone. We used to call each other on the landline and most of the time our meeting were happening outside in the nearest park. I even remember how we used to play hide and seek. Yes, Good times.

And now, in 21st century everything is different. We use online social networks to interact with our peers and most of the time we prefer messaging than talking. Because, talking, is too much of an effort.

Now on every desk, home or office, there is at least one computer. I even know people that have more than 3 on theirs. So many folks tent to live their lives “online”, and that this is a bit disturbing.

Instead of playing with your friends outside or take the field, you sit in front of a big TV and play video games.

Does this fell right to you? And even though technology has brought numerous positive things, we need to form some boundaries.

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