We all have seen them in movies, on TV and we have read about them in the sci-fi books. But are robots just a fiction? Will they really become so advanced that they are going to be able to do the thing we, the humans, do or even more.

Robotics has originated way back in time. It is used as a word for any mechanical construction that is doing a certain task without human interference. But this is too broad. Robotics or Human like robots are going to be the focus of the following discussion.

Robots are human like machines that are built to mimic the human movements and even emotions. 10 years ago Honda built the first human like robot. It was a massive hit. The robot was able to walk and talk with those around him. For that time this was really phenomenal. Nowadays robots are far more advanced. Not only they can walk and talk, but they can sit, walk up and down stairs, smile and they are even able to catch your mood. This means that today it is possible for a person to have a relatively sensible conversation with a machine.

However the purpose of most robots is not to show off their fancy lights and impressive features. The main vision of robotics is a future where people will not do dangerous jobs. They will not be forced to work under the surface in mines and in dark tunnels. No human life will be put at danger. Robots will be able to assist old people, disabled people, people who require special treatment.

And I am sure that in a few decades all of the transportation will be supervised by robots. So car accidents and road kills will be only a bad memory. And you will probably be able to buy one from Currys and even use some discount vouchers to get two for the price of one.

But one question remains: Are the robots just going to serve us like some obedient slaves? If you have seen the movie iRobot you know that robots can advance to a level where they don’t need humans. The future remains is unclear.