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‘The Force’ of 3D.

Thirty-five years ago I remember being totally wowed by a gadget I saw in ‘Star Wars’. And if you can recall that scene in the interplanetary bar (with all of the different creatures drinking their beer), then you will probably already know what I am going to say. Yes, the thing that blew me away was the holographic chess game with its animated pieces! Just imagine how cool it would be if you had one of these babies in your front room…


A Beautiful Life

Someone rightly said that the technological developments in the last 50 years have been many times more than the rest of the known civilization put together. I am quite happy to have been born in this age. All these developments have made life so much easier! But then, like all things, this too has a flip side. While I enjoy the ease these developments bring to my life, I miss the personal touch. I miss seeing people, I miss interacting with them, I miss the human touch that seems to be so rare now.


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