Flying Carpet - Not A Tale Anymore

October 2nd, 2011 posted by admin

Are in interested in the newest software developments in business and the corporate world - the you can click here for human rescoure software and get the best of what business technology can offer. And this is just an example of how we evolved to maintain a better use of technology. Software innovations like the one just mentioned are not rare and deliver performance that we desire. But along with software, other technological improvements keep piling. And such a breakthrough was recently achieved by the physicists in Princeton University - they finally proved that Aladdin and his flying carpet are not conceptual - a person can actually use such as device called a flying carpet.

Scientists from the Princeton University have close examined the mechanism of the skate fish as a basis for the development of the so called flying carpet. The animal moves in water thanks to the movement if its solid spread mass - this allows the creature to use the water sockets that form within its skin and thus push itself forward using the kinetic energy of the water. This is how scientists came across the idea of creating a similar technological concept to be applied in a device flying in the air.

As shown on the blurry image above (no official photos have been presented by the University above), the device is a regular shape, 4 cm long plastic board. However, this plastic board itself is extremely flexible and using an electrical current movement, it forms air sockets within its surface. The electrical power moves the air sockets in the frequency of an air wave which allows the carpet to basically ’ride' the artificially created air flow from its electrical power.

Currently the device’s speed is a centimeter per second but scientists claim it can be upgraded in terms of design and hardware so that greater speed can be achieved. If successful, the device can be used for flying missions on Mars since it would me more useful in avoiding unfriendly terrain obstacles.

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