Review: The Tape Express

October 20th, 2010 posted by admin
Review: The Tape Express

Do you remember the roaring 80’s when all you needed for happiness was a Second hand campervans, your walkman and your favorite cassette? Well, there is no household without some old walkman somewhere and there is definitely no household without a few audio cassettes dusting in some corner of your home, but you are just too sentimental to dispose of them in the trash. You can revive everything now with the Tape Express. This little gadget will help you convert all your audio cassettes into mp3 files, connecting it to the pc through the USB cable. So, just take out those dusty cassettes from under the bed and get ready to digitalize them with the Tape Express.

The little machine resembles quite much the good old walkman or cassette player, and this is something that will get to your heart immediately. Certainly the design is modern, and the incorporated applications speak about this era and not the 80’s or even the 90’s. Now you can turn your dear songs from an old cassette into an mp3 format that you can upload on your iPod for example. The design is sleek and not that big, and it really gives you the feeling of carrying a walkman, just with highly updated features.

With the incorporated EZ Tape converter, you can transform those old songs and make them become truly alive on CD’s, DVD’s, iPods or MP3 Players. The USB cable is included within packaging, so after you receive the Tape Express you can start using it right away. Use it as a standard cassette player, or use it as a transformer for your old cassettes into digital soundings. If you attach a headphone jack, you can even play it on external speakers (the compatible headphone jack is the one that is 3.5 mm). The Tape Express is fully compatible with Windows platforms, Mac or Vista, so no worries about that.

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