October 14th, 2010 posted by admin

It weird that fly cars might actually be out sooner than expected. We’ve all seen them in space age films and imagined that it would take at least a 100 years before we see one. Well, your probably wrong, the Terrafugia aircraft/car is scheduled to resealed soon for no more than $200,000. It isn’t exactly like what you’d imagine, no it doesn’t have hover like movements and no it doesn’t have a spaceship like body and no it does run on green fuel, BUT, its a start.
All things start simple and end up complicated, take for instance the road car. It was basically a skeletal structure when it first came out, now they are designed for comfort. It was a need, now its a want. As time continues to pass by maybe or grand children would be picking us up in their fancy spaceship cars. There is no saying, the speed at which technology has advanced in the last 5 decades has been so quick that things that we thought would take years to master would take no more than 5 years. God bless technology. However the very concept of a road car is destroyed, I’m going to deeply miss road cars, I can’t imagine myself sitting a weird spaceship look vehicle. Once all our cars start running on green fuel, you can forget about the roar of the vehicle that wakes you up when your on your way to work, you’ll probably fall asleep on the wheel. Although I do see lots of pros than cons from futurist vehicles like flying cars. First of, NO TRAFFIC! And secondly at the rate at which fuel is depleting we’d be forced to use green fuel, not like its not there now but later on we wont have a choice. That means to pollution.
Bottom line, we’d have to mentally prepare for a futuristic life which mind you is no far away. The used Audi that we bought as a style status would be discarded as useless piece of metal. Brace yourselves, cause I am not ready for it yet. Are you?

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