Are You A Luddite?

September 3rd, 2010 posted by admin

Do you love the old-fashioned ways that were once common practice before ipod’s and other such (amazing) techno tripe? Perhaps you are a Luddite, and you’re proud of it, or maybe you’d rather throw yourself off a bridge than even dream of considering buying an electric lawnmower? Even if you’re not, and you own an ipod, you might still enjoy the post that can be found at the following link to Search Enigin. The article is fantastic. It reminded me of mowing the lawn in the summer with our noisy, heavy, horrifically difficult to use manual lawnmower. Oh, I remember how terrible a thing it was, and how it would cut one side more evenly than the others – and this seemed to change from one month to the next – but I also remember the cut-grass smell and the satisfaction it gave me: once I had finished the lawn, it was as though I had just done something really important. Putting the old thing back in the shed was always sad in a way; by that time it was just starting to get going and make a less awful noise. But unfortunately that lawnmower’s days are numbered now. Which seems daft in a way. After all, it was free to use it. The only energy expended was from me. But now we use an electric one and that costs money…so tell me where the sense is in that? It’s not as if I don’t have to use energy, either. I’m sure I use just as much energy pushing the fancy electric one as I did the old one that now sits sad in the shed. The shame!

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