Future View: A world without Bingo?

July 29th, 2011 posted by admin

So looking into the future here at Space Bio, a friend of mine was asking me to imagine a world without online Bingo. “Why?” was my obvious reaction!  He explained that it was just a way to realise the value of Bingo, by imagining it wasn’t there. How would we feel? What would we do?

Well, being a selfish sort of soul, I thought about me… and that I’d be out of a job as a Bingo caller, and wouldn’t be able to write about my favourite game! But that aside, I started thinking about the absence of the particular pleasure that the game of Bingo brings to millions of us.

Firstly I think we would miss the game itself. The simple mechanics, the easy-to-learn rules, and the clear format of both online and live Bingo games.  There is simply no other game like Bingo. Many other games require much more of a commitment in terms of concentration, time, and even risk. Take the game of poker for example. If you are going to play seriously (in other words you just don’t want to lose your money very quickly!) then you have to prepare for a game. Be in the right state of mind, not be tired or too relaxed, be careful about letting your expression give away your hand. Then you have to gauge the skill of your opponents.. if they are professional, then the likelihood is that they know the best hands, the odds, and will outplay you. Whereas Bingo is a game of luck. You can be a little tired- the auto dabber will mark your cards, is doesn’t matter if you’re having a drink or two, and/or a natter. The numbers will still be called and shown and if you miss a number online- no worries, it’ll be marked for you. We are all equal when we come to a game of Bingo, and each of us stands the same chance of winning!

Secondly I think we’d miss the fun. Yes. You don’t really need me to tell you that the anticipation before a game, the thrill as your numbers begin to get marked, and when you only a need one more for that row… the suspense of seeing if the next number called will clinch a win for you.

Finally, and arguably the most important, is that win or lose (and yes, we all like winning) Bingo players are a great crowd of people. Just dip into the chat rooms, or pop in for a live game and see, hear and feel the buzz. Bingo people are likeable, amiable and fun people!  What would they all do and where would they all go if there were no Bingo?

Well, luckily we don’t have to worry. Bingo is here to stay and is growing day by day. A world without Bingo? No! Not on your nelly, or perhaps that should be not on your Kelly’s Eye!

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