Electrical Resistance – Unwanted Wastage Of Precious Power

June 8th, 2011 posted by admin

If mankind wishes to explore outer space and set up colonies in other planets, it will have to utilize the power of electricity in an efficient manner. Solar cells use the light of the sun to generate electricity. This electricity is transmitted to batteries through wires. The power stored in the batteries are transmitted to devices through wires.

Each and every wire has resistance. A significant percentage of the electricity generated is lost to resistance. Some substances have high resistance while others have low resistance. However, we seem to have taken for granted that a certain amount of electricity generated will be lost to resistance.

If mankind wishes to set up a colony on moon with hospitable ecosystems where astronauts can go on a daily jog wearing newton running shoes and breathing fresh air, it will have to overcome this flaw.

Certain substances lose their resistance at very high or very low temperatures. It is possible to combine such substances with magnetic fields to create resistance free flow of electricity. It is possible to store electricity in these substances in an easy to carry manner with virtually zero resistance loss.

The biggest problem involved here is the cost of such technology and the difficulties of operating at very high or very low temperatures. Science will have to come up with a solution to these issues to facilitate better and efficient use of our most precious source of power-Electricity. Until then, mankind will have no option but to remain stuck on Planet Earth.

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