Laser Powered Technology

January 27th, 2011 posted by admin
Laser Powered Technology

The increase of the demand of technological products has become a certain sphere of development that needs constant attention as new products become more and more required by the general consumer and the specialised companies that require improvements and modernisation. Recently, a revolutionary technology has been redeveloped and tested as a reliable promising to both decrease energy use and increase efficiency.
The approach is a remotely powered devices by laser power. Even companies like Enigin might soon put it into their energy saving plans that might enhance the industry. The method is working on a clearly simplified principle - a power bean receiving energy is installed into the device that is going to be remotely powered. A laser source of power directs a strong energy shot into the beam thus causing a chemical reaction into it that both generates and absorbs laser energy.
The project has been long developed by scientists from NASA and now the people from Ascending Technologies in Germany are developing the same approach with a larger rate of efficiency. Their tests and experiments conclude that such a major project can be easily supported with the correct technology. Their tests were conducted on a mini robot - drone that was fliying for a whole night being powered by the lase power technology. Such development might significantly increase the power efficiency of devices requiring constant power to function. For example, space satelites and shuttles are the perfect candidate for the application of the method because they operate in the space and their constant energy demand is supplied by exhaustable resources. However, being controlled from the Earth, the power supply by laser power would mean less effort for maintaining these devices, longer functioning of their equipment and less energy used as a whole.

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