Life Support Concepts
for Space Travel II

 Raymond M. Wheeler
Biological Sciences Branch
Kennedy Space Center, FL
Plants and Bioregenerative Life Support
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Testing with Plants and Algae for Life Support
NASA Testing with Plants for Life Support
Plants and Life Support: Some Background
Early Studies Focused on Algae
and Cyanobacteria (1950s and 1960s)
Observations from Algae Studies:
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Bioregenerative Life Support for Space:
Testing with Higher Plants
and the CELSS Program
Considerations for Selecting Crops
Some Crops for Life Support
Some Findings from NASA Testing
® Recirculating Hydroponics with Agronomic Crops:
Lettuce in Recirculating Hydroponics
Essential Elements for Plants and Humans
Porous Tube Watering
System for Plants in
Some Findings from NASA Testing
 ® High Yields from High Light and CO2 Enrichment :
Effect of Light on Crop Yield
(Data from NASA Biomass Production Chamber)
Effect of Light on Photosynthesis
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Some Findings from NASA Testing
 ® Closed System Studies:
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CO2 Effects on Photosynthesis
Plant Effects on CO2 and O2 Levels in a Closed System
Some Findings from NASA Testing
 ® Whole Canopy Gas Exchange:
Some Findings from NASA Testing
 ® Cultivar Selection and Development :
Continuing Challenges:
The Special Challenge of Providing
Light for Plants
Electric Lamp Considerations
High-Intensity Discharge Lamps for Plant Lighting
Plant Requirements for Blue Light
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Waste Recycling with
Biological Systems
Plants for Water Purification
Sodium Recycling in Closed Systems
Biological Waste Processing Systems
Waste Recycling / Aquaculture
Constraints for Life Support in Space:
(“Economics” of Life Support)