Living in Space Teaching Resources


Fatigue, Sleep, and Circadian Rhythms
Description: This presentation gives an overview of problems associated with fatigue and sleep during space flight. Acute and chronic effects of microgravity upon the sleep cycle are compared. Circadian rhythms, circadian desynchronizations, and possible countermeasures are explained. (Posted on 10/00)

Group Interaction and Crew Performance
Discipline: This presentation covers the factors affecting crew performance and interaction as well as how the crew interfaces with ground personnel. (Posted on 10/00)

Lecture Topics

Lecture Topics for Living in Space
Description: This document lists various possible lecture topics in the field of living in space. (Posted on 10/00)

Still Images

Spacelab Research Module
Source: NASA
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Description: SLS-1 Mission Mission Specialist Tamara Jernigan is shown inside the Spacelab research laboratory module. (Posted on 05/04)