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Cardiovascular Physiology and Body Fluids
Description: This presentation details the effects of microgravity upon the cardiovascular system. Basic anatomy as well as more specific information is discussed. Notes on this presentation are included. Select the "Notes" option under the "View" menu in Microsoft PowerPoint. (Posted on 10/00)

Laboratories and Demonstrations

Measurement of Leg Volume in Simulated Launch and Microgravity
Description: This laboratory describes how to measure the change in volume that occurs in astronauts' legs during launch and space flight. Students will calculate the change in their leg volume through the period. (Posted on 10/00)

Still Images

Biomed Research in Space
Source: NASA
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Description: Astronaut Owen Garriott uses the Lower Body Negative Pressure (LBNP) Device aboard the old U.S. orbiter Skylab. LBNP is being studied as a countermeasure to the upward shift of fluids in the body during the absence of gravity. (Posted on 05/04)

Source: NASA
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Description: STS-51D astronauts Rhea Seddon and Jeff Hoffman perform echocardiography experiments to better understand the effects of spaceflight on the cardiovascular system. (Posted on 05/04)

Images and Video

Soundbite Lecture by Alan Hargens, Ph.D
Description: This short movie contains a brief explanation of the effects of microgravity on the cardiovascular system interspersed with video clips of astronauts illustrating the physical phenomena discussed. (Posted on 10/00)

Microgravity Experiments on the Human Cardiovascular System
Description: These images show astronauts performing a variety of experiments to test the reactions and adaptations of the human cardiovascular system to microgravity. Most are from Spacelab Life Sciences-1, the first NASA mission to be devoted exclusively to the life sciences. (Posted on 10/00)