Cellular Biotechnology Program
Description: NASA's Cellular Biotechnology Program is profiled in this excerpt from a 2001-2003 annual report, which includes a research overview, program accomplishments, and flight experiment details. (Posted on 10/04)

The Cytoskeleton of Spaceflown Cells: An Overview
Description: Observations of morphological and gene expression changes in the cytoskeleton of cells flown in space and ground-based models are described in this review. The article summarizes research, spanning over 15 years, which confirms that all cytoskeletal elements in a variety of cell types are affected by spaceflight and altered gravity. (Posted on 10/04)

The Effects of Microgravity on Cells Description: A brief literature review of the effects of gravity and microgravity on a range of cell types, this paper presents an overview and references with supporting abstracts. (Posted on 10/04)

The Fruit Fly in You Description: Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly, is genetically similar enough to humans to make it a good model. This article describes the experiment on the International Space Station, Drosophila Behavior and Gene Expression in Microgravity, designed to discover how space travel affects genes in both the fruit fly and the human. (Posted on 10/04)

Transduction and Adaptation in Sensory Hair Cells of the Mammalian Vestibular System
Description: This article, published by ASGSB, focuses on the anatomy of the hair cells of the inner ear, how they work, and models of hair cell adaptation. (Posted on 10/04)


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