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Whether you are an educator or a student, SpaceBio.net is the place to come for undergraduate space biology education. Throughout the site, you will find a large collection of downloadable materials organized by topic, profiles of publications and resources, annotated links to other sites, and information on education and training opportunities.

Much of the content is unique to SpaceBio.net and is developed by members of the space life sciences education and research communities. Topics covered range from plant, animal, and human physiology to life support, technology, and life in the universe.

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Site News
Big Update (October 2004)
Lots of new additions to report! We have added some new sections: a new teaching module on Cell & Molecular Biology and new special topics on Organisms and Biotechnology. There are also many other new items throughout the site, including a downloadable text in the Book Profiles section for a space biology course developed by the United Nations. See the What's New page for details.
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