Background | Site Content | Acknowledgments | Sponsors is an online resource for undergraduate life sciences educators and their students. It provides information, downloadable teaching materials, and links to other relevant Web sites.

The goal is to make it easier for educators to include space biology content in standard biology classes or to develop entire courses on space biology.

While site content is targeted primarily to the introductory undergraduate level, much of the material should prove valuable to audiences from advanced high school to the introductory graduate levels.


In 1997, a group of university science educators met with representatives of the NASA Life Sciences Outreach program. Their purpose was to investigate options for disseminating space biology course materials to educators interested in offering similar classes. The group determined that the best approach would be to develop a Web site providing access to teaching resources across the various disciplines and research areas encompassed by space biology.

The current site is based on subsequent workshops with educators and contributors, as well as much excellent work by the development team. However, the site would not exist at all without the founding support of NASA Life Sciences Outreach.

Site Content

The site contains a large and growing collection of unique educational materials and annotated links. Content is developed and compiled by volunteer experts from the space life sciences research and education communities and by project staff. We strive to ensure that all materials are appropriate, useful, and scientifically valid.

We strongly encourage users to provide feedback and welcome contributions of additional content.


We would like to acknowledge, first and foremost, the volunteer efforts of those who have participated in the planning, development, and contribution of materials to Without their participation, this free resource would not be possible.

In particular, we would like to acknowledge Chris Brown and Ron Reed for their broad support of the project from its inception and substantial contributions to space life sciences education.

We would also like to acknowledge David Warmflash for his previous role as facilitator with various content contributors.

Sponsors was originally funded by NASA Life Sciences Outreach and is currently funded by its successor program NASA Fundamental Space Biology Outreach. In addition, the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology provided early funding for content development and continues to be an important supporter of the project. Mains Associates, which has been involved in planning and development of from its inception and manages the site for NASA, provides in-kind hosting and infrastructure contributions to the project.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is dedicated to research in aerospace technology, earth and space sciences, and the human exploration and development of space.

The American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology provides a forum for professionals in academia, government, and business and promotes research, education, and training.

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